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Special Guest Writer! LISA B. on Inferno’s Pizza!
May 1, 2011, 10:17 am
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Lisa givin’ us the hot scoops (or slices I should say) about Inferno’s Pizza food truck on Kapiolani!  Check it!

Mobile eateries are not a new concept, especially here in Hawaii. Lunch wagons have been feeding construction workers and bankers alike for a long time. And who doesn’t remember chasing down the manapua truck when we were kids? Oh man, fried noodles, pork hash, chicken patty sandwiches that you knew came from Costco…those were days! However, in the last few years lunch trucks have taken a turn for the gourmet, getting a Chinatown-hipster like makeover. It has joined the ranks of self-served yogurt and microbrews: trendy yet accessible.
The mobile eatery I’d like to tell you all about is Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza. Located on Kapiolani Blvd. in the parking lot next to Jazz Minds, Inferno’s sells pizzas cooked in a wood fire oven owner John built on a trailer. Wood fire oven…built on a trailer. God bless him.


Can you pass the safety check with wood fire oven in your vehicle?

Now, I don’t claim to be a pizza expert. I’ve never had pizza in New York or Boston or Chicago. I was born in raised in Hawaii so I’m used to eating “authentic” Hawaiianized food. However, I am a pizza lover and I know what I like. Inferno’s I most definitely like. Really really like.
I watch enough Food Network to know that there are three main components that determine a good pizza. The first: the crust. Inferno’s makes thin crust pizzas. The crust is just the way I like it: crispy yet slightly chewy. And the wood fire gives it some nice charred bits which adds more crunch and a nice woodsy, smoky flavor. All in all, the crust has a good texture and good flavor. Second: The sauce. Their marinara sauce in on point, lots of good flavor but not too sweet and not overwhelming.  And third: the toppings. The toppings aren’t super gourmet or fancy or anything – no raw eggs here – but in no way are they boring. They’ve got the usual pepperoni, sausage and veggies but they’ve also got sopressata, which is a dry-cured salami, and beef-brisket. And the cheese: fresh salted mozzarella…nuf said.

I love dry erase board menus

The first time I went to Inferno’s I got the all meat pizza; pepperoni, sausage and sopressata. It was delicious! The different meats were super flavorful and the saltiness of the meats was perfectly balanced by the cheese and the sauce. The sauce to cheese to topping ratio was perfect. Also, all the meat made it a very hearty pizza. They’re 10-12 inch pizzas, which mean they could be shared or eaten alone depending on your appetite. The toppings on this pizza made it filling enough for me and the BF to share and it was only $12!!

I love meat!.... giggity

The second time I went I got the pepperoni. Sorry, forgot to take a picture of that one but I can tell you that it was very delicious; the pepperonis they use are very flavorful. And again, all the ratios were perfectly balanced. This pizza I almost could eat on my own. I took 2 slices home which made for a great snack later. And at $10, you can’t lose.
Finally, the last time I went I got the cheese and Kalani (the BF. Happy, babe? I name-checked you! Haha) got the margherita pizza. The cheese pizza was delicious. How can you not love cheese pizza?! I mean the other two were great, but once in a while you need a good, unadorned, cheesy pizza, and this one did not disappoint. Again I was left with 2 slices to take to work and snack on and it was only $8! The BF’s margherita was also super yummy. He almost always gets the margherita when we go out for pizza and he really enjoyed Inferno’s margherita. The basil and tomatoes are locally grown and both tasted nice and fresh. The tomatoes especially tasted really good. They were nice and sweet and they really brightened up the pizza. This pizza was also a good deal at $12.

His and Hers pizza. I love the fine china they use for plates.

So if you find yourself in the Kapiolani area (which we townies do at least 3 times a week) make sure to check out Inferno’s. The pizza is yummy, it’s filling and it’s a great deal. Seriously, I love this place. I can’t find anything bad to say about it except that they’re not located in my living room and they don’t deliver. Oh and once in a while the wind picks up and you get caught in a pizza flour sand storm. Delicious, delicious sand storm…

Thanks for the post Lisa!  Super awesome review, hopefully I can con her to do more!

Queens of Lobster King
April 26, 2011, 2:28 pm
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I can't eat meat and seafood all the time

“Let’s try not to go over $100 this time around”
So every time I go out to eat with only one or two other people, I ALWAYS rack up a tab over $100 easily.  Trying to avoid this we were like “hmm where could we go that’s relatively cheap and somewhere I haven’t tried.”  Well, Chinese food, regardless if its a new trendy place, is still cheap.  Or should be anyways… it’s Chinese food!  Anyways, Lobster King has been around for about a year or so (I think), and I always drive past it but never went in (sober enough to remember anyways.. haha!)  Alright BRING ON THE FOOD.

So we start with the ong choy above.  I am really sorry blog world but the owner/manager took our order and we just ordered everything she suggested,  so I’m not exactly sure what all the sauces were.  All I did was sit and eat and be a heffer.  The ong choy was tossed in some kind of butter sauce with bits of hot red peppers in it that catches your palette off guard and you’re downing a whole cup of hot tea (-_-‘).   The serving size is hefty and the ong choy was crispy and at the same time soaked in the mystery butter sauce.  You can’t go wrong.

Fried rice with salted Fish ... no really, that's whats on the menu

The fried rice here is pretty bomb.  It’s not overly oily or buttery like some places and the bits of salted fish is a nice touch and gives it that extra burst of flavor.  What I really like about it is that it’s not those little tiny whole anchovies with them beady eyes that’s in there but it’s a whole salted fish, chopped into bacon bit size… yay! for not looking at small black beady eyes!  In fact, it’s seafood bacon!  And who doesn’t like bacon?!

Lobster with XO sauce and crispy chow mein

“We don’t make money on the lobster”
So the rule here is that you get to order one lobster dish per another dish because well, they really don’t make any money on the lobster.  Not surprising.  We got the lobster with XO sauce with chow mein add-on.  The lobster was small and didn’t have much meat but lobsters in general don’t have a lot of meat.  Only in the main body and the claw.  But for 10.99, who could complain??  We added on crispy chow mein on the bottom and I highly suggest this type of noodles if you want to add on noodles or anything to it.  You’d want to add on the crispy noodles because the sauce drenches the noodles so if you get the soft egg noodles, your noodles would be nothing more than mush by the time you dig in.  The XO sauce is said to be the most popular.  It’s a thick gravy-like sauce and it seems to be garlic based?  Don’t quote me because I’m no food expert but if you’re coming in here clueless as to what to order in their vast menu, just get it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Red vinegar

Everyone in China is doing it!
My friend who lived in China/Hong Kong for a hot minute told me everyone there eat their food with dipping the food in vinegar.  She ordered the vinegar and I was hesitant as to what the red liquid was and asked if they brought her the correct thing but apparently it’s supposed to be red. 
She drenched her noodles in it and so I tried it.  It was vinegar alright.  I didn’t see the big deal, and to me, I wasn’t a fan.  All I tasted was vinegar.  But hey, I can see why it would be an awesome add-on to the dishes.  It’s like tabasco, people put tabasco on random things and you can’t taste anything but tabasco and yet, it’s like crack to some people.  My crack is sriracha, — red vinegar, not so much.

Everything we ordered

Oh yeah… Minute Chicken
So this is everything we ordered.  I forgot the mention the minute chicken.  It was just chopped up boneless chicken dish.  When it first rolled out piping hot, it was really good, hot juicy boneless chicken?  Duh.  But after it cooled, it wasn’t anything special.  I guess that’s why I forgot to add it on here.  Anyways!  All of this + copious amount of hot tea later…

YES! We did it, stuffed and even had leftovers for 3 people under $100 bucks

We were all stuffed to the max and we even had leftovers to feed another 3 people.  We had a variety of dishes (rice, vege, meats) and with tip, it only came out to $20 per person.  Did I mention that all their serving size is pretty hefty? and that despite YooZilla attacking most of the food, we could still feed another couple of people?  Yeah. So worth the $$.  I was ready to die from exploding but first….

CAKE! Dobash cake that is.

CAKE.  We all have a separate stomach for dessert right?!  Well, at least I know I do.
We took a short drive down to Zippy’s to get half a dobash cake and chocolate ice cream for dessert after.  I really don’t like Zippy’s food but I LOVE their cheap chocolate pudding frosted dobash cake and their chocolate ice cream.  (It’s the chocolate cake on the right).  Their dobash cake is not overly chocolately and teeth chattering sweet, it’s pretty light despite how chocolate-y it looks in that picture.  No plates needed, I just needed my spoon and we proceeded to kill it in the car.  Same for the ice cream, it tastes like ice cream version of hot cocoa.  Tastes more like cocoa then chocolate so it’s not too sweet and the flavor doesn’t taste like just a typical chocolate ice cream.

There is ALWAYS room for cake and ice cream

It was really cold so we decided to eat in the car….
Okay.  YES, I am eating half a cake and chocolate ice cream IN MY CAR.  Don’t judge me.  It was really cold in Zippy’s and my car had cushier seats for me in my heavier state that I was in.

Alright so FOOD COUNT!
–  Lobster with XO Sauce
– Chow Mein
– Fried rice with salted fish
– Minute Chicken
– Ong Choy
– Half of a Dobash Cake
– Chocolate Ice cream
– Bottle of cola. <– not really food but it was in my belly with the rest so it’s going in my count.

Til the next stomach-exploding adventure!

Under the sea
April 12, 2011, 6:44 pm
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Hunt for last minute happy hour deals
It was only 5:30 PM when I started my search for a place to eat and drink for happy hour.  By the time that I decided I wanted to go to Morton’s, it was already 6 PM and their happy hour ends at 6:30 PM.  Boo.

All good because like I said before, I am the queen of backup plans.  QUEEEEEN.  So my friend Wendy and I decided to go to Kincaids instead.  Kincaids has a happy hour until 7 PM.  I’m not too sure what time it starts and its website doesn’t state the hours but I’m sure it starts around 5ish like all the other happy hours around town.

Please note that I LOVE seafood.  And Wendy is probably the only other person I know that loves seafood as much as I do.  I love everything under the sea, mermaids included.   My heart almost exploded to find out that raw oysters were on happy hour here.  It’s $7.50 for 7 pieces.  So we each got an order. and then some.

one for me. and one for you.

The oysters weren’t A-grade but definitely a deal for 8 bucks.  Some had shells in it but eh, nothing I can’t deal with.  Comes with one vinaigrette type sauce and cocktail sauce.  Like usual Korean fashion, I put half a bottle of tabasco in the cocktail sauce.  SO good.  The vinaigrette was not though.  It was awkward with the oyster and didn’t compliment it at all.  I’m not a chef/professional critic nor am I trying to be, but definitely it was not to my liking.


After our individual orders of oysters, we got the albacore poke tartar for $7.50.  I always get poke-anything at bars and restaurant etc… and for a raw seafood enthusiast, I wasn’t too impressed.  It was good enough though.  The red pepper-y sauce was pretty good but nothing that blew my mind.

one more order of oysters for good measure

Round 3, one more order of oysters and fresh smoked salmon.  Alright, so I’m pretty lenient when it comes to food and even service.  I love food so much that it’s pretty hard for me not to be a fan of anything.  However, the smoked salmon was a bunk.  It came with a bowl of chips, slices of cucumbers and these little mini-okra things.  At first I thought the mini-okra things were mini pickles and I was so excited at how awesome it was that it was mini-pickles.  No bueno.  You know how you get so excited that its something but after you take a bite, it was nothing what you expected?  Yeah, my heart was broken.  Next,

bacon flavored shrimp and beef tenderloin chunks

Wendy: “dude, I can’t eat meat, there is bacon on this!!”  Actually, no, I don’t know if its bacon flavored seasoning or if they just cooked the shrimp with bacon but yeah!  The shrimp really did taste like bacon.  Bacon-flavored shrimp, love it.  The beef tenderloin chunks were good as well, again, nothing that blew my mind but hey, how can you go wrong with chunks of beef?  haha

my favorite

Round 5, ahi spring roll and SANTE FE CORNBREAD.  Ahi spring roll wasn’t all that.  The End.  Onto the awesome Sante Fe Cornbread!  At first, I thought I wasn’t a fan because it really had that corn-southwestern-y flavor to the cornbread.  But before I knew it, I ate the whole thing!  It’s just a warm loaf of cornbread with real corn in it, and sweet butter as a spread.  SO.  GOOD.  $6.00.  LESS than what my drink would have cost.  The drinks were nothing to boast about but it was $4.00 so it’s a good deal.  Especially if you like things like mojitos and margaritas.  (which is what we got)

Finally, we got creme bulee but by the time it came, I was so full and delirious that I forgot to take a picture of it.  Oh well!

Food count for happy hour at Kincaids
3 orders of oysters
Sante Fe Cornbread
Fresh Smoked Salmon
Albacore Poke Tartar
Beef Tenderloins – (I don’t know what the real name is)
Bacon Shrimp
– (same, I don’t know what the real name is)
Ahi Spring rolls
Creme Brulee

Now off to Home Bar and Grill for more food and drinks yall!

Fast food minus the heart attack
March 28, 2011, 3:39 pm
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Plate lunch with obligatory beer

Running errands is more fun with good food and beer
I love it when I have a day off at the last minute.  I hate it when it’s filled with errands….but I love it when I have good food/beer breaks.

So my apartment is right next to this place called Tae’s Teppanyaki and I decided to grab a plate for lunch.  I remember when I used to grab Tae’s from a small food truck parked in (now) Don Quixote parking lot.  Now they got a store front right by Don Quixote, across the street from Palama SuperMarket (that’s not in Palama).   Alright, so I always get the salt and pepper steak roll.  It’s a super simple concept.  Thinly sliced beef wrapping a pile of shaved raw potato with two scoops of rice and ponzu dipping sauce.  It’s like a beef omelet with potatoes on the inside.  And I loooove ponzu sauce so I dip the whole thing in ponzu and scarf it down.  The lettuce that acts like the bed of this beef omelet soaks up all the beef juices and it’s the most delicious beef-flavored salad ever.  *drool* meat.

Spending time with Jamie-- as in Jameson not the bartender.

I know, I know.  It’s only 3 pm and I’m already spending time with Jamie.  But hey, it’s happy hour somewhere right?  Besides, I feel like it’s obligatory to have a shot after a good, full meal…. don’t you?  Hahaha  Anyways, Jerah from Deep End is one of the funniest bartenders I’ve ever met.  Granted I also love her for taking my shift at Deeps, but really, she’s got such an awesome personality to boot.  Visit her on Sat and Sundays at Deep End, you won’t regret it. Fo sho.

Now, I’m off to go mob the town with my homies Lance and Mike from Hale Nui Tattoos.

Next post– more food and maybe a new tattoo!!

Baseball and tacos!
March 23, 2011, 11:06 am
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Courtesy of Lianne R.


Okay, why didn’t anyone tell me that baseball games could be so much fun?  It looks like such a drag on T.V but damn!  I was wrong.  This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to one of U.H’s baseball game at Les Murakami stadium.  And oh my god… it was a blast!  First, EVERYTHING is so cheap!  Tickets were just $6 (cheaper than a movie!), and the stadium game food prices didn’t rape me in the ass for once.  I was actually in disbelief because nothing is that cheap these days.  The sodas were about $1.50, 32 oz beers for $6.00 (they were the size of my head), and hot dogs, popcorn, churros, saimin etc, were all around $2.00.   The most expensive thing on the menu was the “Warrior dog w/chili” which was this huuuuggeee chili dog for $4.00.  It took two of us to eat that thing and we still didn’t get to finish it.  U.H ended up winning the game, 5-0 against some Louisiana team with this super short guy on their team.   He must have been only like 5’5″; his shirt sleeves were past his elbow!  He was fast as hell though, but still must be shitty to be that short on a baseball team where your teammates are well over 6 ft.  It’s okay brutha, I feel you #28.

After spending less than $20 and leaving full, drunk, and giddy, we all headed over to Paul’s house for more food– tacos.  Paul runs a taco truck in Kapahulu called Zaratez (yes, you can follow him on twitter).  It’s in the parking lot on 3121 Mokihana Street and for those of you that are food truck fans and/or taco fans, you should definitely check him out, it’s legit.

Courtesy from Zaratez's FB

Taco Party, what?!

By the way, like all small business owners that uses their own house for storage, his house is very vegetarian unfriendly.  His fridge is just…meats galore!  It was like someone killed a farm and stuffed it in his fridge.  It was awesome and the carnivore in me almost had a heart attack.  Even more awesome was the taco party I was about to ensue.  We had chorizo and maybe some pork?, various fresh toppings and his awesome hot sauce all on top of warm tortilla wraps.  Honestly I wasn’t paying attention as to what exactly was on the buffet table as I was more concerned about stuffing my face.  The chunky hot sauce that came with the tacos was by far one of the best hot sauces I ever tried.  And I’m a hot sauce FIEND.  Anyways, 4 tacos and 3 conversations about bacon later, I was ready to roll over and pass out in my blissful state which then cued our exit to go home.

That day within 4 hours, I ate a jumbo chili dog, saimin, churros, 32+oz of beer, 4 meaty delicious tacos, and more beer. ..mmm… Happy Sundays ya’ll.

p.s.  My phone camera sucks old gym socks so I’m having to borrow pictures or have my homies take them for me, so bear with me on that.  And remember to check out Zaratez on Mokihana St!


Gotta start somewhere.
March 14, 2011, 2:02 pm
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It’s hard to pop the “first post” cherry on a new blog but here goes!

So a little description of what I’ll be blogging about.
– My adventures when I travel to eateries and bars etc..  (It always end up being an adventure and I am the queen of having plan Bs.)
– Some comments and photos and whatnot about the places I hit up.  Mostly the experience portion and not overly-detailed description of food (hey we all have different palates).
– And random conversations, quotes, stories during my adventures.
– but mostly, “hey lets see how much Yoozilla can eat in one sitting without her puking!”

What I won’t be blogging about
– Yelp-like comments on restaurants.  har har
– How to cook food of any sort.  (I can make instant ramen if that counts)
– My pet. (maybe…)
– your mom
Alright! That’s it! let the eating beginning!

ps. Don’t mind my random grass theme.  This is in the process of getting a makeover after my midterms and in the process of transferring from blogspot (which btw, epic fail for a starter blog!)


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